This misconception is widespread because both methods imply the process where customers entrust certain work to remote employees. Partnering with an IT outstaffing company is particularly advantageous when your in-house team has problems meeting the current project deadlines. Or your business may need to launch new projects and handle other critical IT tasks simultaneously. As you can see, the term “outstaffing” itself has introduced much confusion when it is put next to outsourcing software development. Tangibly, contracting companies can have free hands to focus on their core business activities rather than wasting time and effort on hiring their own employees. Instead, the outsourcing company will take over the tedious hiring procedures from start to finish.

software outstaffing

After all, more and more businesses have started hiring remote teams to deliver their projects. So, if you do not want to worry about where to hire high-quality developers and what taxes you should pay for them, opt for IT outstaffing services. When outstaffing team compositions or individuals, client companies gain the privilege of choosing the pre-screened professionals from the vast talent pool nurtured by outsourcing companies. Just make a request of how many developers or what specialized expertise you require, and the outstaffing agency can tailor the proper solution accordingly.

Reduced Time-to-Market

We take care of their administration and professional development. We use a great combination of experience and experimentation to identify the best answers to IT outstaffing trends. That is why our customers rave about the product quality and their whole experience with us. We’ll rarely send you articles to keep you updated with the latest software development trends. The experience reported by Deloitte Survey respondents is mostly (78%) positive. Computer Economics claims that 65% of businesses outsourcing application service will continue to do so and plan on further increasing their involvement in outsourcing.

software outstaffing

An outsourcing provider usually works as your independent engineering department, taking care of all aspects of building your product or whatever elements you choose to outsource. In a nutshell, outstaffing means inviting people to the in-house team to cover the need for certain skills. For example, if the company works on a healthcare project but the team lacks cloud engineers or QA specialists, they can source the required specialist from the outstaffing agency. Outsourcing companies are accountable for the ultimate outcome produced by their development team.

Dedicated IT professionals

But they may face a significant problem related to the tech talent shortage. For instance, the ManpowerGroup survey shows that 69% of U.S. employers struggle to find qualified staff. These queries are not uncommon, especially to those who are unfamiliar with the tech landscape or IT outsourcing services. While both concepts are applicable across various business sectors, they are most prominently understood within the realm of technology. However, if you are considering outsourcing, you’ll need to ask yourself different questions. Do you have the flexibility to let an outside vendor take the daily reins of your IT development, even if it is just for a project?

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